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video jerky choppy

  1. Barny19

    Am I expecting too much?

    Hi is something wrong or am I expecting too much?. I have just sold my Yuneec Q5004k and purchased a Mavic however the video quality is nowhere near as good!! The following clips were taken at 2.7k 24fps. one on Auto and the other with a manual shutter speed of 60. No matter what video size...
  2. J

    video interruptions

    Inspire 1 experienced and just picked up a mavic pro. Using an ipad 3, flew with 4k at 30 fps and video transmission kept freezing up. Also, does anyone have a good solution to increasing transmission signal?
  3. C

    Video jitter when yawning and pitching gimbal

    I am recording in 1080 25fps and I am experiencing jitter when yawing and pitching the gimbal. Even in tripod mode. Has anybody else experienced this, any suggestions for smooth panning video. It is annoying to watch a jerky video to comes clear when the rotation stops.