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video settings

  1. heo3480

    Basic Camera Settings for Beginners

    This Mavic 2 Pro Basic Camera Settings for Beginners will take you through the camera menu and explain the camera settings one by one to give you a good starting point for recording video
  2. jtcfilms

    Best Settings Uploading Video to Instagram - Quality Loss

    Hey all, I've been uploading a lot of Mavic videos to my Instagram and I cannot get them to upload in good quality for the life of me! More detail below, but everything looks great when I watch back on my laptop and even after airdropping to my phone, but then when I upload to Instagram kiss the...
  3. baddog

    Can Color Profiles Be Found in Log Files?

    I am trying to determine which color profile I used in some raw video clips from about 7 months ago. Does anyone know if any of the video settings information is stored in the logs files? I usually use D-cinelike now but for a while I was using D-log. I want to make sure I am using the most...
  4. F

    Cinematic 4K Test

    Short low-pass cinematic movie done in the park last Sunday - any thoughts?