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video storage

  1. J

    MOV vs MP4

    Is there a consensus as to which is preferable? Or is it just taste? The reason I ask is I that I switched to mp4 yesterday just for kicks and for the first time I got the watercolor effect.
  2. Monroe Droner

    Anyone in the East Atlanta / Athens area flying a Mavic?

    I'm a newbie looking for someone that i can touch base with, that has some experience, on some of the specifics of the Mavic. Specifically what processes and / or procedures do you use for capturing and transferring video and pictures from the Drone to my Dell PC, editing, and posting. What...
  3. F

    Storage and Sharing of Videos from Mavic taken in 4K

    Curious how folks are working with all the 4K videos being taken with their Mavic. I am one that likes to take and store the native full 4K video online (Google Photos) but I do not like the data consumption used to re-watch these videos. I am on the Apple platform, IOS, Sierra, etc. have...