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  1. D

    Hello from Virginia, USA

    Hello everyone! I'm a new pilot from the middle of nowhere in Southwest Virginia. I recently (about 3 weeks ago) purchased a DJI Mavic Air and it's my first "quad". All seems to be going well so far, flight wise. I believe it's a combination of my previous videogame experience and this...
  2. robertk328

    Mavic Pro owner - DC area

    New Mavic Pro owner here, DC/NOVA area. Looking forward to flying this thing now that I got my firmware updates done. The first time that fan comes on is a bit unsettling :eek: I've got the B4UFLY app, AirMap, etc., and all the rules were learned. FAA registered, sticker inside the battery...
  3. Dhruvo

    New Pilot in Southern Maryland

    I noob in the drone world. Just received my brand new Mavic Pro. Just wondering if there's any pilot here from Charles, Calvert, and/or St. Mary's county. Looking at all maps seems like there's not too many authorized places (if any) within these counties where I can fly my new toy. I...