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  1. Yaros

    Voltage sag at beginning of flight - what happened?

    Today I checked the logs from yesterday's flight, and found that the voltage was very low at the beginning of the flight. At around 1 minute in the flight, the voltage went down to 3.4V, but then in 30 seconds it went up and stayed normal for the rest of the flight. Here is the log on Airdata...
  2. M

    lowest safe battery voltage?

    Hi All, Getting some pretty cold weather here and just wondering what the safe zone is in terms of battery voltage? I turned on the option to display that for the last few times I've taken it up. And if i remember correctly, it fluctuated between 4.1 at the start to around 3.7 or 3.5 when i...
  3. S

    Mavic air charging

    Hi, can I charge the battery in a 230 volt outlet with voltage imbelance without something breaks?
  4. X

    Charging battery with constant voltage / DS24 adapter cable

    There are adapter cables for charging the Mavic batteries with non-DJI chargers like this: DS24 Ladeadapter für DJI MAVIC Akku Ladekabel mit Kontaktschutzstecker LiPo Balancer Kabel ZUBEHÖR - What is the allowed voltage range accepted by the Mavic intelligent battery? (I think nominal is...
  5. S

    Battery Issue - wrong voltage?

    Im in Peru right now and when I plug in a battery (I have 3 brand new mavic batteries) - the 1st Led starts flashing And doesn't stop. I'm thinking the voltage is off some how BUT - in the manual I saw nothing about the 1st LED blinking (only combos of the 2-4th that meant errors) AND whe. I...