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  1. I

    Mavic Air approaching obstacle

    Fellow Pilots I own Mavic Air 1 that I fly very occasionally, and I have noticed a strange behaviour of my drone. Although the default obstacle avoidance options are ON, the drone has a tendency to approach obstacles when closeby. When that happens, I am unable to use the controller to...
  2. RainForDays

    Wall mounting the Mavic pro?

    Wondering if anyone has any methods of wall mounting the mavic pro for aesthetic reasons. I've seen people wall mount the phantom but not the mavic. Has anyone ever done this? Does anyone have any methods or mechanisms to make this possible? Thank you. :)
  3. blackb0x

    Mavic Pro 50W Wall Charger (without A/C)

    Does anyone know if the replacement that comes in has the little velcro strap to keep it together on it? I actually broke mine accidentally. I'm hoping it's the same.