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  1. B

    List of what lights mean

    More newbie questions... I just got the Mini 2 with its standard controller. Looked around and so far have not found a discription of the various light patterns. At times Ive seen red, green, blue, white, etc on both the controller and the Mini 2. Is there a complete chart somewhere...
  2. Wipazz

    High Wind Velocity Land ASAP

    Hi All, Every now and again i get a "RED" warning message saying "High Wind Velocity Land ASAP" just wondering if i should just ignore this? The Mavic doesn't really seem to be uneasy tho, i see it move a little bit but nothing crazy. does this mean that its passing its 10 m/s limit? Some advice...
  3. Chirp

    Mavic Flash Chart in color

    To make it easier for myself to read, I colorized the Mavic Flash guide. Here are 2 versions if you think it might be useful. I tried to replicate the flash pattern in the version with dots on the right but it looks kind of busy so I did it both ways.
  4. R

    Max radius reached.

    Hi everyone! Anyone of you guys encounter this "max radius reached" even tho the: 1. Distance limit turned off 2. Begginer's mode turned off 3. Account logged in GO4 4. Homepoint already been updated. 5. Gps mode on. Sunny friday afternoon somewhere in middle east. I was riding a yacht while...