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wavy lines

  1. S

    wavy video on Mavic Air

    Just picked up Mavic Air yesterday and took it out for a flight. I noticed something strange. The video started with a weird color (from the beginning until 22nd second) and it had wavy/jello effect (3rd second and 19-20s). In the 22nd second of video, color turned normal. Is this due to the...
  2. K

    Video Quality Issues

    Hello all, I've been flying my mavic for quite a bit and recently realized that the video quality is terrible. I did some research on the internet and saw that especially the first generation mavics can have technical problems because there was a lot of demand at that time and DJI decided to...
  3. mikeygomikey

    Wavy Lines in Video when Point near Sun (NOT JELLY)

    Just took my Mavic out for it's first flight. Everything looks good but when I review the footage later I see wavy lines on the screen when the camera is pointed at or near the direction of the sun. It looks almost like a screen refresh issue, like when you record from the window of a prop-place...