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wind speed

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    incorrectly displaying wind force in DJI GO 4

    Hi, first of all I apologize for my English. I have DJI Mavic with firmware 1.04.0000 at all devices (battery, dron, RC, DJI Goggles). I use application DJI go 4. My problem is - when i fly application show wind speed 0,0 m/s all the time. But i fly obviously in the wind. Mavic holds the...
  2. LakeTravis a GREAT flying conditions site!!

    Not sure why it hasn't occurred to me to mention this. A good friend of mine who does MUCH commercial stuff for Travel Channel, National Geo, Etc, swears by it. I've been using the site for over a year. It gives GREAT info and conditions for the next several hours. I really...