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  1. Calhoun Ranger

    Video editing and computer specs

    I am reaching a point where the complexity of my edited videos is taxing my computer in a pretty serious way. I would like to hear other experiences concerning laptop vs desktop, Windows vs Mac, processors and processor speeds, RAM, etc. I usually take video in 4K (lets me zoom when necessary)...
  2. T

    PC vs. Mac- Video Editing

    Hi everybody, New drone pilot here and very new video editor, but I am decent with a Windows PC. I’m trying to find out if it’s a night & day the difference in regards to the “User Friendliness” of a MAC when editing video versus a PC? I have read all the posts on the numerous different...
  3. mfc

    Transfer pix from Mavic aircraft using USB cable

    Hi, I'm working through pre-flight setup on Mavic Pro -- so far, everything works well (I was able to connect mobile phone to RC, have the RC talk to the aircraft and take pictures, etc.). I have sucessfully individually updated both the RC and aircraft firmware to V01.03.0600 from PC...
  4. G

    Why Mavic Pro can't connect to PCs?

    Closest thing to a smoking gun so far. Two Windows Event Viewer notifications below (Microsoft admits these are not always filed) seem to identify my Mavic Pro and Controller which remain unrecognized by my PC despite drivers and cord swappings — something of an epidemic, it seems. Let's assume...