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  1. RonanCork

    Air 2 Woods and Water - Cork Ireland

    Hey Guys, Hope everyone is safe and well Recently put together a video of a woods in the town of Midleton (famous for Jameson Whiskey!) in Cork Ireland. I grew up in this town spent my childhood exploring these woods. During the insane time that is COVID I've appreciated these woods a lot more...
  2. Astrobutch

    Our planets lungs..

    New to drone photography and flying in general. Took this on Christmas Eve at a place local to me, I will never cease to wonder at the views from above, there is a magic to them, a beautiful perspective that are just so unique, I hope you find them as engaging and inspiring as I do.. I call this...
  3. RonanCork

    Mavic suddenly jerked to the right while flying in woods

    Hi Guys, Was wondering if I could get some help from you. I was flying (Mavic Air) in a local woods (heavy tree canopy so I was about 2m off the ground and generally not flying over the tree canopy in that area). I was (from what I recall in Sports mode, so it's APAS would let me move more...
  4. G

    What settings to use in wooded area

    Hello folks. I live at the beach (poor me, I know) but am in Illinois now around a forested area and wanted to try tracking some friends as they mountain bike on a circuit (not necessarily a trail but trees along their side). Will try spotlighting but would also like to try profile and tracking...
  5. F

    Flying through a forest with the mavic

    Somme footage of last week in a local forest.