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Advice/critique of this raw footage?


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Jul 21, 2018
Hi - new Mavic Air pilot here - was wondering if some people could give me some tips about video settings. I'm taking the Air on an internatoinal trip in 2 weeks and am trying to practice both my flying skills and also some video skills so that I'm prepared when I get there. I have a pretty good understanding of photograhy concepts but not as much with video - so trying to figure out a few things.

I posted 3 videos below. The first 2 were shot in 1080p, 24fps, 1/60 ss. The first video is using and ND8 filter and the second ND16. The 3rd video is the same settings as the 2nd, except shot in 2.7k.

So a few questions:

1 - Exposure-wise - which of these 3 looks best? I feel like the first is slightly over exposted, more detail is visibile in the 2nd and 3rd videos, but I also feel it might be slightly dark. Something just seems a bit off about them - almost like the colors are a bit washed out. (I have the Cinelike setting turned on for color). Could this be because the ND filter is not of the best quality?

2 - I was trying to go for the cinematic type look, by using 24fps and 1/60 shutter, but I'm not sure if I achieved that. Also, esp in the first video, when the camera moves even a tiny bit fast, the image is very hard to look at or focus on. Is this normal? Is the answer to just make sure you always do slow movements? What if I do want a fast movement? I was just the Cinema mode when shooting all of these.

3 - I can't decide if it's worth shooting in 2.7k or not. I already decided 4k was unnecessary for me right now. Is 2.7 that much better than 1080? I guess it depends on what type of screen you're viewing it on - but on my computer, I can't really tell a difference.

I think that's about it for now. I had one other question but can't remember what it was. Any other tips about these clips would be much appreciated.

1080p, 8 ND Filter, 24fps, 1/60 Shutter Speed

1080p, 16 ND Filter, 24fps, 1/60 Shutter Speed

2.7k, 16 ND Filter, 24fps, 1/60 Shutter Speed

There's some good videos about slowing down gimbal movement. Subbing to learn about video settings. Rookie here trying to learn as much as possible
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