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air 2s gimbal not recognized


Dec 13, 2023
climax kansas
I purchased a mavic air 2s that had gimbal problems. The ribbon cable was burnt. I replaced the gimbal and now it is limp.
here is the Dos screen:
C:\dji>py --port com3 WM232 -vv GimbalCalib JointCoarse
Opened com3 at 9600
Info: The Gimbal will move through its boundary positions, then it will fine-tune its central position. It will take around 15 seconds.
Prepared binary packet:
55 0e 04 66 0a 04 9c cf 20 04 08 01 37 7c
Sending packet...
Waiting for reply...
Retrieved 1 packets (14b), dropped 0 fragments (0b)
Received response packet:
55 0e 04 66 04 0a 9c cf 80 04 08 01 26 68
Error: Unrecognized response to calibration command JointCoarse request.
The gimbal has no movement, it is just limp. my question is does the new gimbal need to be paired with the mother board?
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I watched this earlier, I still don’t know if the new gimbal needs paired. I am getting the unrecognized error and limp gimbal even after I send the dos command with python.
Thanks Cafguy
Did you replace the whole assembly camera and all? or just the gimble
Just the gimbal, ribbon cable and camera cable. The old ribbon cable was melted. It left a stain on the motherboard. All the pins for the plugs look good. I’m getting good pictures and video from the movement at all from the gimbal. I am hoping the gimbal needs paired to the motherboard. Otherwise it looks like a motherboard replacement is in the future.
Those who have replaced the whole assembly have told me that they have needed to remove their old camera sensor and replace the new sensor with it to get the unit to work SO I am gonna say yes. I Myself own an Air2s so getting a definate answer on this would be very helpful to me in the future. I am still gonna check a few more people first before I say absolutely yes.
We’ll, I’m going to replace the motherboard, with no movement whatsoever on the gimbal, I think when the ribbon cable melted it screwed up the gimbal plug.
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