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Anyone using the new JZ light

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Feb 8, 2018
Just stumbled upon this light setup, very pricy $450 is it worth it.
Gear to fly your Mavic 3T in the Rain. Land on the Water, and Spot fish at night.

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I looked at it, but went for this one:N3 SDK Spotlight 35W $342. It actually works quite well is very light and really well made (milled aluminum). Now I have not tested it in the field much, having it for only a week now and it is snowing here.



Made a foam collar and it fits in the case
Been a crazy winter here. I have been using the 3T, but during the day. I has been painfully cold at night, I even need to wear gloves to fly during the day.
Have you used it yet, I have GL10 this is rated 20% brighter
I've been using the N3 SDK Spotlight 35W $342 for almost 6 months. It's a great light and really lights up the ground below unless you go to the 2nd 1/2 in lens. Otherwise it's extremely bright at night. The only problem i've had using it, is that when flying, I occasionally lose my GPS connection and the drone goes into atti mode for about 10 seconds until the satellites are recovered. So, I don't use it as much I would like. It scares me when I'm in atti mode at night and the drone starts drifting. I don't know if they all do this. After all, they are all made of aluminum. I don't know if this is interfering with the GPS.
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