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are my batteries toast????


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Dec 29, 2017
hi all, i got my mav in dec for xmas to myself,,,,, i am pretty **** about batteries in general, i dont believe in charging them whenthey are at half or not fully charging them, i practice this in my phone and cordless tools etc, fully use it then fully charge it,,,,always, now with that said i noticed yesterday when i went for a flight that 2 out of the 3 batteries were at about 60%..... the mav has been sitting in its backpack for about 2 weeks due to high winds and work etc, i know for sure i would not have stored them at that percent. are these 2 batteries on thier way to a slow death? i depleted them to about 10% and will charge them today but to me that seems like a big drop for only a few weeks sitting, any thoughts on the matter?
By default the batteries will self-discharge to below 65% after 10 days.
By default, the Mavic batteries automatically discharge to about 60% after 10 days of non-use. They claim that this is to make them last longer. This is in the settings somewhere (can't remember where) and can be adjusted, and possibly turned off.

ETA: Dang, @Mossiback beat me to it. ;)
awsome news, thank u all so much, i feel much better now, thanx again for the quick reples
If it was only bought last Christmas they will still be under warranty so contact DJI and return them.
I had a failed battery that was 11 months old and DJI replaced or repaired it.
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