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Australian Outback via drone - Spectacular scenery

Brings back great memories from a lifetime of travelling this big empty land. Lived in North and West Queensland for many of those years. Hope I still have a few trips in the Prado in me.
Takes me back to times I spent working in the Moomba oil fields and surrounding areas.
Nice job!
Fantastic. I’m heading down to the salt lakes in western vic in a couple of months. Hope i get footage as great as yours
Heading up to the mid West of WA as soon as the weather looks good
Is supposedly a good wildflower season this year so hope for some good shots of those padocks of everlastings. Also plan on shots of the saltlakes
A lot of work went into that. Congrats. Quite professional.
Spewing! I can’t view it? When I click play it goes to black and says video is unavailable?
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