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Battery Error - FIX

Just wondering, did you try another battery before you switched the board?
It has some good amount of electronics on it, two good size transistors also. One was overheated and melting protective tape that covers the board.
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I thought I have a defective battery, but might have similar issue. Anybody has disassembled Mavic battery?
I watched youtube video of guy taking it a part, you have to actually brake it, it's glued all around.
By the time you are done with it, it's a mess.

When I faced that error message, I tested two more batts and I got same error msg, so there was no way all 3 battery's went bad at once.
On top of that, $15 board is allot cheaper to replace then $90 battery, right?

If anyone need that job done, and willing to ship it to me, pay for shipping back and forth and buy a part, I'll be happy to do soldering job.
Just PM me
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Thanks for posting that. Not a job I could carry out myself but at least now I know of this and won't rush to buy a replacement battery.
Anyone else encountered any battery errors recently?
My Drone has been doing great since board was replaced and I am happy.
Hey Super Pete!
Boom, it happened to me..."Battery Error" so I popped in another battery and the same thing...tried to reload firmware but can't because it says the battery is too low (though fully charged)...can't be both batteries, right? I flew it the day before and all was good.
So, if I replace this board, do I have to worry about a heat sink so I don't burn up other components? Also, can you provide a part number for that board?
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