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Beach and Sonabia Cape, Ojo del Diablo - Liendo (Cantabria - Spain) 4K


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Mar 8, 2018
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Fantastic lanscapes! Hope you like it

The beach of Arenal de Sonabia or also known as de Liendo, is a small nudist cove surrounded by hills, isolated and undeveloped. To access it you have to go down a winding sandy path that descends through one of the hills. In its scarce 100 meters in length we find ourselves with great tranquility, because of the few people and nudism is very widespread. It is cleaned weekly and has no equipment.
Infinite tones of blues and greens, crystal clear waters, remnants of wave foam that overlap without haste leaving their mark on the orange sand, which shines higher by the blinding light, dunes with green brushstrokes, winding roads that are suddenly suspended, the coast that is outlined marking a precise border of rocks between blue and green, a promontory that resembles a whale entering the waters (Cabo Cebollero or Punta de Sonabia), and silence ... that silence that only exists in photographs printed in our memory and when we contemplate the landscapes from the heights. From the top of Mount Candina, from the Eyes of the Devil or Arcos de Llanegro, we can catch a bit of sea and sky and earth.
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