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Bug with SD card status


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Aug 23, 2018
I just want to share experience. Sorry if it's already discussed:

Yesterday I went for a quick test flight in the yard. I started the drone, the remote - all looks good. No errors, no warning.

I start taking shots. I even noticed the current SD free space.

After that I turned it off to swap batteries. On the next run a strange message surprised me. Not original wording but "No micro SD card, do you want to record on internal memory". Nonsense.Checked the slot - the card wasn't there. I decided the SD card was slipped somehow. No very important pictures and not very expensive card anyway. I returned home and... I saw my SD card in my laptop!!!!! I actually forgot to put it at all. For 20 pictures is not important for me where exactly they will go, so I didn't check it before flight.

I checked my smartphone - the photos was there as lo-fi images, but there was nothing in the internal memory before the battery swap. So somehow the drone wasn't able to tell me there is no SD card, and pretend taking photos somewhere and even send back lo-fi images.
There might be a slight bug when you select to record to card and don't insert a card that you don't get a warning. It's still pilot error so deal with it. The thing isn't gonna fly itself for you.
If a device pretend is taking photos without any warning is not pilot error for sure :). Is my decision to use SD card or not and is device job to switch or to give alert, or not to take photos, but to pretend is doing something is definitely a device fault.

Where I said it it should fly itself for me? The only thing that must NOT do is to pretend taking photos. It's so logical and so obvious where is the problem.
I haven't taken my card out and tried to take photos nor am I going to bother doing it. I am taking your word that it doesn't flash a warning that you don't have a card in the slot. I'm old so this takes me back to the classic no film in the camera back in the day. No different now. Own up to it. You will become a better pilot.
But they are not old days :). And yes - most of the times there is an message - SD card is not found, do you want to switch to internal memory. Just not this time. I expected to act the same every time. That's why I don't consider it as my error - I use to see the message and I am fine with it. That's why internal memory is there anyway.
You set it to external card and then didn't put the card in - your error. You want DJI to tell you a second time that you screwed up?

I predict your next thread will be a fly away. You will say your forgot to set your home point or wait for enough satellites locked before you took off and yet you will claim that DJI should lock the throttle stick to protect you LOL
There is no error at all :). I know, as the app is designed, and as usually works - that when there is no SD to give me alert. This is how should works and how usually works.In this case the app showed me the SD card is inside and I have 62GB left :). This is just a bug. And a nasty one, because can lead to lost of photos or videos. And I am telling this, to alert all other people who usually see the same warning message that sometimes, the app LIES that there is a microSD card inserted, LIES, there is a a lot free space (maybe remembered the last status), and LIES it taking shots. And I am not complaining - in all software and hardware there are problems and this is normal I am just alerting. But I can't see all these 3 lies as pilot error.
Groot, you are wrong to call it lies.

I just tested it with my Air.

1. Powering up without my card gives the warning every time. You probably clicked the warning message without knowing it.

2. Taking the card out after it's powered up change the card info to 0 and plugging the card back in while powered up resets the card info immediately.

3. You never have to take your card out if you don't want to. Dump your images with the cable!

4. When no one else has ever had this issue, it's usually your fault. Keep blaming the software LOL.

What firmware are you on?
BTW- flaws in code don't pop up "sometimes".

Thank you for the alert LOL
Of course they can pop up sometimes. If they pop up always, it will be much easier to fix them at first place. You can trust me on this, because is in my scope.

01. Your assumption is wrong, because it showed me the SD card free space. This will not happen if I click it by mistake.
02. Yes - this is what it should do every time. And do it all times, except the one from this post
03. I have no idea from where this statement came from. I can do whatever I want with my SD card of course.
04. Not sure from where you have this statistics.

The firmware is the latest.
It is pilot error to forget to put in a SD card. It is not pilot error for the app to show a card when there is none.
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