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Can Everything In FlyMore Kit Fit In The DJI Bag? YES!!

Thanks Guys.

Sean Ozz did a fantastic job on figuring this out. I guess we all thought it was impossible but he persisted and found a way. I tried it and found that it fits in pretty nicely. Once again the DJI engineers deserve a big thumbs up.

Just tried it, all fits in nicely :)

Only one thing, or part of it, that won't fit, if you live in UK and possibly Australia and a few other places, is the power plug for the AC charger, it has to hang out the top of the side pocket :-(
But as I tend to only take one charger at a time, if I'm taking the AC charger, I'll put the charger body in one side pocket and put the Mains plug & lead in the other side pocket
Holy crap I've been doing it wrong

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Glad to see it "can" be done. That said, the one time I put the MP in there it was so snug that I was afraid of breaking it when taking it out. Maybe my bag is defective and made too tight.

I'll stab at it again when I get it back from the Hospital for Sick Mavics in Carson.
Awesome. Not bragging or suggesting I'm some kind of badass, but I've actually been packing my bag like this since day one. I did watch a video on how to properly place the mavic in the bag because that was my biggest concern obviously. They suggested exactly how it is in this video and from there I just filled in the rest of the spaces. Albeit, I never thought of the charging hub helping with the sticks buffer in the bag. That is brilliant. My hub has always just lived at home as I don't travel that much. The rest of it is basically exactly how I've been packing it. fwiw, I am really really good at Tetris.
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