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(CANCELLED) FS: DJI Goggles Integra w/Motion Combo (REDUCED)


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Apr 25, 2019
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Sent to eBAY no longer available here

DJI Goggles Integra and Motion Combo (RC Motion 2)

Purchased 12/26/23 from B&H

Updated the firmware and used it briefly on two flights with my mini4Pro.
Found I did not enjoy the experience and do not see me using them in the future.

Absolutely in new condition.
Offering here at a steep discount to avoid eBay charges.
$409 shipped free to the continental U.S.
Will move to eBay after this weekend.

For details on what is in the package, see this B&H page:
DJI Goggles Integra Motion Combo

PM with any additional questions.


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Will these goggles work with the Mini 4 Pro with the controller that comes with Mini 4 Pro? I don't want to use the motion controller. What was negative about your experience? Did you like the clarity of the goggles? I've only seen FPV goggles and I hated those.
From the DJI site, no. Some folks on the internet claim a workaround, but I never tried. The goggles were fine as far as clarity (even though I wear glasses) with the set of lenses they include. There is even a third-party vendor who will make lenses to fit your prescription.
I did not enjoy the FPV experience because:
  • They restricted my vision to the camera view alone, which I found disorienting.
  • To be legal they require an observer and I always fly solo.
  • I fly primarily to take photos and FPV seems more suited for videos.
Using the motion controller did not bother me.

I'm an old dog and shouldn't have been trying new tricks... I would have kept them but the first reason above was the most important in my decision to abandon the FPV world. Just not for me.
Yup, both they and Best Buy just reduced the price.
Price reduced to reflect the change.
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