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CHECK YOUR PROPS. I learned my lesson today. Also, those "crashed/lost" drone alarm beacons come in handy after a crash.

My FPV threw a Master Airscrew off about 6 minutes into a flight. Crashed on concrete about 4 feet from a house. I found it by replaying the last 30 seconds over and over In my goggles. I will never buy MA again.
I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss MAS proper. While a failure is possible in just about any situation, they are rare in the hobby/recreational realm. When we get into the extremes (Pylon racing etc) all props experience more failures across the board.

Master Airscrew is a tried and proven propeller company. They've been making high quality as well as "economical" props for almost 5 decades (first one was designed in 1976). They make everything from 5" props (UMX sized aircraft) up to some crazy large and high performance props up to 24". MAS is one of the top 2 R/C (UAS) prop manufacturers on the planet.
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I was going to fly my 2017 vintage MP1 today, so I thought I'd dust it off first. (Literally. It's been sitting on my dresser for 4 months or so since I've flown it LAST, so it was pretty dusty).

Anyway, I noticed this crack on the trailing edge of one of the props. NEVER HAVE I CRASHED OR HIT ANYTHING. The prop is DJI OEM 8331 for MPP that I bought many moons ago...whenever it was that the MPP came out and these props were hailed as "low noise".


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Prop inspection drone inspection battery inspection check b4 every flight I have always inspected my drone it might be a little over kill but she always comes home I think know since I been flying since 2013 the DJi Phantom 330 it's more of a habit than anything.
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