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Coldwater Lake near Mt St Helen's, Washington.


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Aug 4, 2018
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This was my first travel-flight with the Mavic Pro. This thing travels GREAT with absolutely no problems from TSA. This flight and video shoot was very enjoyable. One of those PERFECT weather days. I was very concerned about being able to fly at the Mt. St. Helen's National Volcanic Monument. As we entered the main facility (to pay for entrance) they had an actual pamphlet ready for us dronies. It just reiterated the normal FAA rules and made sure we understood that if the drone went down while off the trails, it was just lost. I was shocked. The video of Mt. St. Helen's itself was just Okay, but to be honest, I had problems with video feed. It may have been the monument's own comm towers which were not far away from where I launched. However, the video shot of Coldwater Lake was a pleasure. I hope you enjoy it and go fly Mt. St. Helen's yourself. It's worth it! Comments appreciated.