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Connection lost and rth


Jul 3, 2018
Hi, i'm a newbie and I experience problems today, sorry in advanced if this is a common question, I didn't find any good solution on this.
First I get up my mavic air, and I saw there is a small yaw movement without me touching the sticks. Later on I read that this is a compas problem and I need to calibrate it. Is this true?
Then after that I was about 1630 feet away and 920 feet at the altitude with him, doing photoshoot, try to move backward and sensors went of, I couldn't move it, is this caused by the direct sun maybe? (it was dusk)
After that there was "Strong aircraft interferance" error on the screen and then I lose signal, luckily rth was engaged and drone was going home on the same altitude (I think it's normal to stay at the altitude he was unless it's below number I set to be rth altitude in the app right?), but my concern was, why didn't he catched signal as he was close? because i could control him when he came back with remote controller, the screen was still frozen, and I could stop recording from the screen, but there is no video feed on the phone.
Can you please give me some advices what to look for, and what to avoid. I live on the sea and now I'm scared of flying over it until I'm sure what caused the problem. Thank you guys.


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