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Consistent Gimbal Overload That Resolves Itself


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Jul 4, 2017
So here's an interesting one. I recently had my Mavic Pro replaced via Care Refresh. Overall, the experience went very well. DJI did a great job on communication and TAT, and they sent me a brand new bird. However, the new Mavic was shipped with the gimbal clamp improperly installed, and the gimbal was forced forward in the dome for the trip. While I initially got one gimbal overload error that went away, I assumed it was a software glitch. However, it appears as though I was getting them all along, but was missing them because I was waiting to enter the DJI Go app until everything was connected and booted. That's what makes this so strange. It resolves itself, every time. Booting the bird and controller with the app open allows me to see the error and watch it disappear. The gimbal also makes one loud knock/click during its initialization sequence. I have another Mavic running the same firmware, and it does not do this. Since I believe this was caused by the improper clamp installation (or the bird is just defective), I'm currently working with DJI on a solution. However, I was wondering if anyone else has ever seen this, and/or what they think it might be. Any thoughts?

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The gimbal also makes one loud knock/click during its initialization sequence.

I've seen many Mavics that make one loud knock when they are starting up. As far as I can tell, even with a momentary gimbal overload message, they still flew fine and lasted a long time. Yours has just been replaced, so I would ask for another one, Im sure youre doing that already.
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