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Air 3 Cow Harbor Park | A LEAP OF FAITH | Project Arjun Certified


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May 18, 2021
New York, NY

This film is based on a current aspect of my life. Viewers are strongly encouraged to read my reflection below for a understanding of the matter. This video has a deep meaning; cultivates deep thoughts. Otherwise, the video alone is great as well. | A Leap of Faith |"Surrender Yourself and Take A Leap of Faith." - Arjun Sharma, PA-S Recent events in my life have encouraged me to introspect and reflect. There are an overwhelming number of elements showcased in this film that explain my current situation; the film itself entails spiritual meaning. I do not expect all my viewers to understand the full scope of my current situation. The American Flag is featured many times (both intact and worn form), is a reminder of resilience. The is Church is a house of worship.- Even when I strive to be at peace with myself, there are things beyond my control. - The busy intersection outside the church reminds me that there are things beyond my control, and I must be adaptive and flexible. Several times during the video, some video transitions fade to white – providing reassurance that I am close to God. After flying away from the Church back towards the water, the drone comes close to dipping into the water in the harbor – showing that there could be times when you want to just give up and walk away; however, as you observe closely, the drone quickly recovers and regains altitude, control, and stability without drastic measures; this shows that despite facing adversaries I must stand up and give it all; I must not fear of failure. I must not allow negative thoughts to perpetuate throughout my mind. The wear on the American Flags – remind me of my bruises and scars; past scars are what makes me a strong person today. Standing under the gazebo – as you look closely, eventually, I navigate my way safely out into the water (without hitting the surrounding trees) finding a viable path forward. The flock of birds in the water are essentially the people around me in my life; all projecting their opinions at me regarding what I should do at this time (whether these people are friends, colleagues, family members, mentors – only I can be the person that will ultimately decide what is best for me at this time). Venturing out from the harbor out to sea into the unknown on the boat; a reminder for me to expect the unexpected. Things may not always go smoothly. Adding the quote towards the end of the video was an added reinforcement to maintain a positive mindset (and to remain at a higher frequency) despite the many challenges that lay ahead. A personal diary documents the course of events that take place in one’s life: It has taken me many pages to become a Physician Assistant Student. I tell myself that though it is great to look back at the past few pages, attempting to relive and reminisce past moments can be counterproductive. My journey must continue; a new page has been started. I did what I had to reach the level of a PA Student. There is no going back; it is time to put emphasis and complete attention to myself. This video offers closure and empowers me to move on. I thank everyone (family, friends, and mentors) for all their support. I love you all very much. Facts about the filming Location: I try to venture out to the North Shore of Long Island (Suffolk County mainly) once a week to reset my mind. The Northport area is a home away from home for me. I always enjoy the tranquility, wildlife, and natural surroundings. For several years now I have been fondly connected with the area. Cow Harbor is home to beautiful sunsets and to the Cow Harbor 10K Half Marathon; a rather challenging course that incorporates a very steep hill. I plan to run the Cow Harbor Half Marathon in the near future. Quirks in the post-production process:- Certified was intentionally removed from my introduction Title, and video watermark (top right corner).- Certified was reinstated at the end of the film for me to “Wake Up” again. - Out of self-respect, my full name (followed by PA-S) was proudly added at the end of my quote – to indicate that I am a Physician Assistant Student currently. Pilot's Perspective / Additional Comments: This was supposed to be a basic flight; but quickly turned into something personal and extremely emotional; having watched this film several times after completing the render and prior to uploading to YouTube. The various scenes turned out to be very fitting for the overall theme of the video. Filming Location: Cow Harbor Park, Northport, North Shore of Long Island, Suffolk County, New York, United States Filming Date: Friday, March 22, 2024 Track Title: This Is It (Feat. Frida Sundemo) Album: The Learning of Urgency (2024) Artist: Kasbo Foreign Family Collective Viewer Tips: Watch in 4K, wear headphones, and sit back and relax. | Project Arjun | FAA Part 107 Certified Follow Me on Instagram @ project_arjun
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I don’t think there’s anything, anyone can add to this (post or flight) that could add or detract from it. It’s a heart felt piece of work that I for one found very moving. Peace Arjun.
Thank you for your kind words @Squidinc
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Awesome very well done!
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Really enjoyed your video and music fitted well ! Where do you get your music and what is this track ?
Well done and interesting . Loved the part coming over the bay

Thank you @Pacefast - this music recommended on my Spotify playlist - it was a perfect fit when I discovered less than 24 hours ago (at the time of posting :) )
Here are the track details,
Track Title: This Is It (Feat. Frida Sundemo)
Album: The Learning of Urgency (2024)
Artist: Kasbo
Foreign Family Collective
First, Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself and where you see you along your journey. The video is really good. I enjoyed it a lot - having your written narrative, which I read first, complemented it nicely.
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First, Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself and where you see you along your journey. The video is really good. I enjoyed it a lot - having your written narrative, which I read first, complemented it nicely.
Thank you @Prop Wash
I definitely saw the necessity of having the written narrative incorporated within the video's description.
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