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Crash or Flyaway?

I lost my Mavic Air 2 today. It was in the air 1 minute and 8 seconds, at a height of 117 feet and a distance of 275 feet, and I was recording at the time. My DJI Fly app showed the battery at 91% and suddenly I got an error message "weak signal. Adjust antennas. Aircraft not connected to RC. Image transmission signal may be blocked". I waited for Return to Home to activate, but it never did. I couldn't hear it any longer, and it wasn't found after searching the area of it's last known location.
My flight logs are here:
The video ends suddenly. No bird strike or obstructions present.
I would appreciate it If anyone can help me understand what happened.
If you get near to Atlanta, I have an Air 2S with less than a couple of hours on it, three batteries, extra props, improved charging system, OEM also included, medium grade non OEM case, 3-4 months left on Refresh, never damaged, etc. Too lazy to ship. $550 firm.
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