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Decided to give my mavic pro a new look.

looks good,mine is carbon fiber white but looking at the american eagle to try.
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Tell us about how easy or difficult it was to put on? Did they supply good instructions?

Did you have prep the surfaces at all?

How easy would it be to remove (in case you wanted to)?

It looks great by the way [emoji1303][emoji1303]
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I whiped the mavic and batteries down with a damp paper towel. Application is simple. It took me about 2 hours in a moving car. Removal is a breeze also.


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I just received my “skin” order yesterday and found it easy to apply. However I have the same issue (hoping for better visibility) so ordered the orange skin. Found that it wasn’t the bright (international) orange that I had hoped for but more of a burnt orange so until I get to try it out I won’t know if I am ahead or not. My wife wanted the “flag”; probably I should have gotten that. Wouldn’t have any greater visibility, but peace in the family.....
i found that white shows well in the sky and definitely better on the ground
Here's one I had Decal Girl make for me! The thing on top is a water recovery system I'm working on.


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Lycus Tech Mavic Air 3 Case

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