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DJI fly with mini three pro and DJI RC


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Feb 20, 2021
I recently added the DJIRC to use with mini 3 pro. The drone operated perfectly when I was using the N1 controller. I checked for updates when adding the DJI RC. The problem I’m having is that the fly app constantly goes back to the screen with the go fly button. It will immediately reestablish connection. I thought perhaps I had a firmware/software compatibility problem. Yesterday morning I checked for updates and did apply the most recent versions available. The update was for the controller, app and aircraft I believe. With certainty, the aircraft and fly app versions are new. I took the drone out for a test flight and the same behaviour of the fly up going back to the screen with the go fly button is occurring. Does anybody else suffer this issue? Does anybody know of a solution?

On a sidenote, controlling by pinching the sticks on this little controller is almost impossible without constantly hitting the top right three dots and bringing up the Settings menu.
my approach would be to delete the program and reinstall it. then connect the Mini 3 Pro to your computer and use the DJI Assistant 2 (consumer drones series) program to reinstall or update the firmware. That program does not work with the RC controller or N1 controller. I think they get their updates from the drone but reinstalling the firmware is about all I can think of. Did you unbind the RC-N1 and bind the RC? Should have an effect but ...
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This issue has come up before.

Check that you're not accidentally pressing the back button on the upper left of the screen holding the RC.

That's what it's been twice before, IIRC.
Thank you, I will be mindful of that. It may be the case because I’m having troubles not accidentally hitting the three dots on the top right which open the settings menu.
I have the mini3p and DJI RC. I just tried now and if I accidentally swipe left on the 3 dots menu in the top right of the screen instead of tapping (even a tap-slip-left will do it) it puts me back to the screen with the blue "go fly" button.

Swiping left from anywhere along the RH side of the screen does it, as does swiping right from the LH side of the screen and it is relatively easy to accidentally do.
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