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Jan 13, 2017
Spent the morning fixing a gimbal that poped out of its bracket, now Im having this happen.
the mavic was flying irregularly due to the PROP GUARD setting somehow being set to ON, turned it off and its perfect, The drone was Vibrating you could see and hear it. all fixed.
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How do we see the gimbal shaking? I am confused as to what the issue is here as you are showing the Mavic flying and cannot tell if the issue is that it is not hovering properly or what. You mention in the video that it will not stay in the air properly but it seems to be flying to me. Please provide some details as to what the issue is and we will be glad to help in any way we can. Also, FYI, some people have resolved some gimbal/camera issues by connecting the drone to a computer and using DJI Assistant 2 software to downgrade the firmware to a previous version and then upgrade again to latest. And DJI will have you do that as a step before sending it in so worth a try.
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I've seen videos of Mavics doing this with the prop guard setting enabled. You didn't accidentally enable that, did you?

[EDIT] It looks and sounds to me like it's wobbling in the air, rather than hovering steadily. Is that what is happening?
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Sounds like some gps issue to locate your bird, at least. I think you should return it, mentioning a localization problem. If you notice problems with gimble, let some written information for the support.

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If the prop cage selection is on it will drift around like this at times. Looks like it is 'Hunting' for the proper hover spot. Are the downward vision sensors on? And I would also suggest to return the bird to factory defaults and then restore the F/W and re-setup everything. If that doesn't fix the issue then go thru DJI, because that is what they will have you do as a first step. Good luck.
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How did gimbal come out of bracket. Don't see that in your post. By your post it seems it took a while to get it back in. That means your mavic must have taken a hit for it to come out.

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Some basics that looks like a GPS issue. Possible compass calibration issue?

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Did OP answer whether it was the prop guard option enabled? There were others who have posted similar videos, with the up/down motor revving, and when they disabled the prop guard option, all returned to normal. @RichieFromBoston can you confirm?
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Seeing as I am a few days from being united with my Mavic I am wondering what is the "Prop Guard Option"?

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With the go4 app on android go to mc setting, go to bottom to advance setting and then bottom of that is enclosed propeller guard option.
Ok great, I never doubted it but what does it do and when is supposed to be turned on?
Is DJI planning on releasing a special Prop guard kit for the Mavic?
It's actually a bit of a mystery :) I don't think there's been any official documentation or statement about the feature. All we know is that when some users have turned it on (intentionally or accidentally) the Mavic wobbled horribly when hovering.
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