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DJi4 App - Error with IMU Calibration - Android


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May 12, 2018
Just in case anyone else tries the IMU calibration; the images in the app telling you how to place the craft are incorrect.

The craft should be positioned the following way for each step:

1 - Put the drone on its legs
2 - Place on its side facing right with the top towards you (Picture shows facing left)
3 - Place on its side facing left with the top towards you. (Picture shows on feet)
4 - Place it on its backside, camera facing straight up in the air, top of drone towards you
5 - Place the drone on its back with the camera pointing right

It needs to be fixed as spent the last hour trying to do the calibration...

(Corrected thanks to @DanMan32 )
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Controller calibration, you mean the sticks?
I could swear the IMU cal worked facing right then left.

DJI told me to do a controller calibration and the only thing I could find was the sticks..

And it looks like you are right with the face right and then left.. I did it the other way round (as the second picture showed facing left) as it worked but will redo it after seeing this video:

DJI support told me to do the IMU calibration and the controller calibration becuase of the height fluctations I am getting. You think its worth battling with the sensor calibration as well?

Yes I would calibrate the sensors as well. The drone depends on the downward sensors for landing, and it's not too much of pain to calibrate them. Just not as easy as the Mavic Pro was.
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Why, because more vision sensors?
Did mine last night; first time it got half way through and would not allow one side sensor to move to the top left. Downloaded the latest assistant version and tried again with sucess. Its just a bit fidly - make sure you pivotthe drone and dont move it when following the boxes. Its a bit fiddly but do-able; the instructions are a bit unclear.
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