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Does DJI Care Refresh just send back someone elses broken drone?


Jan 10, 2017
Back in November, my Mavic Pro on it's first flight after a firmware upgrade went a little nuts and drifted into my house. I took off and the drone just started rapidly drifting backwards and ignored stick inputs. It had a rather
May 29, 2018
slow crash into my house and then dropped about 10 feet to the grass. The only damage was to one prop and the gimbal mount broke. I had Refresh so I sent it back. My MP had always worked perfectly before that day. Never a single complaint with it. About 3 weeks later I received the replacement Mavic from DJI Care refresh. I tested it in the house for about 20 seconds and then put it in it's case until July 23rd where I attempted to use it for the first time since receiving the replacement. I flew it for 8 mins 46 seconds. At 4 minutes 30 seconds I received the following error:

Processor chip critically overheated. The aircraft is controlling its power consumption and will initiate RTH.

One minute prior to the error, I was at 60% battery. I started coming back to home manually and the error did not return at that point. 4 minutes later, I was at 40% battery. As I started landing, I received the Processor Chip overheated error a second time. I completed the landing. I shutdown, waited a bit then changed batteries and tried to fly again. At 5 seconds I received the processor overheat error again and I landed. I updated the firmware to the latest version later that day. On the flight, I had recorded some video earlier and the first thing I noticed was that there was an extreme amount of shimmering/jell on both sides of the footage.

The next day, I attempted to fly again. This time after 2 minutes 4 seconds I received the overheat error. I brought it back and received the error again when landing.

I looked online and in every case of this I could find, the fan wasn't working. My fan blows within a minute or so of turning the drone on. I tried going back to a previous firmware, then updating everything to the latest firmware and then 45 minutes later tried to fly. I I'd never experienced anything like that with my previous Mavic Pro. I flew for about 6 minutes with no overheat message. I assumed that I had resolved the problem.

My last flight was on July 24th. After 5 mins I got the processor overheated error and I brought it back to land. Twice on the flight back, I got Download data connection lost for about 2.6seconds. Tried another battery and took off. At 2 seconds got the processor overheat as I started to climb then it lost connectivity to video. It asked me if I wanted to return home I said yes, the controller was showing "connecting" I tried to turn if off and back on hoping it would reconnect, but it did not, it flew over my house and the slowly landed on the roof. There was no damage.

So obviously this thing is simply not flyable, whereas the original Mavic Pro I had was awesome. I'm guessing that because I'm not finding this out until 6 months after DJI probably won't do anything about it. I've heard pretty horrible things about DJI support. Do I even bother ?
its worth a try. contact them and see. They can find out how much you have used it since you received it from flight records I think.
I think that they do send out "refurbished" units as replacements. To them, refurbished is supposed to mean good as new. It is all just inventory to them.
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