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Drone X Pro - a Mavic for under $100usd

We encountered something similar a few days ago; link offering a Mavic1 for about $200-$300. We LOVE our Mavic Air, but at that price we got juuust a little itchy...

...had our Son check it out, and in less than 20 minutes he came back with a 'Fraud' report on the link.

Stay alert Folks, they are out there, everywhere. "If it sounds too good to be true..."

Seems like a scam to me.
Those images sure look like a Mavic.
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Got one - it's one of these - just a toy and not worth $100 but they really tried to make it look like a Mavic or maybe a "baby" Mavic.
I bought a DroneX Pro from Hyperstech (my first drone) only to discover that the DroneX Pro is really an Eachine E58/S168. I paid 100€ for the DroneX Pro, 24€ for the p720 Camera option, and 11€ for the Extra Propeller Blades option, for a total of 135€.
A few days later, I bought an Eachine E58 for my son for 48€ from Banggood. Except for difference in price and the carton labeling, the two items are EXACTLY the same including the camera and extra blades.
The DroneX Pro offer is a scam. I can testify to that. Please spread the word so others are not scammed as I was.
Yes, this Drone X Pro is a scam. I bought one for USD99 and I found the same drone (named E58) is being sold for about USD39 on a local online store ( The company is deceiving buyers by selling a commonly available product which they claimed as their development.
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How a Pro UAV can cost ten times less than a semiprofessional drone ? That's weird.
The reason is about the look and the shapes of this DroneX "pro".
DroneX Pro 99$

There is another "9" in the price. Sure scam if the digits are just two, not three on the price tag!
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This DUMMY MAVIC DOES NOT CARRY GPS or GlonASS. And it has no LIDARs in order to detect walls and trees. Both items: UAV and remote controller looks like the DJI MAVIC Product. WHY ??
Someone copied the original design.
I bought one time an E58 Mavic look like for $59 bucks in Amazon. I will never paid more than that for a fake Mavic Pro.
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Well, It's almost impossible to get a DJ MAVIC PRO FOR LESS THAN 100 or 50 $. You can BARELY get one for $500. $499
I've spent $200 for a SYMA TekkTiger X8 (the drone pic on mu profile) and It has GPS, Rth, Bingo Status Return (when in low batt.), 5.8 Ghz Monitor and a FPV and Recording HD Camera that records AVI and JPG in a SD storage drive. The HD Camera sends 5.8Ghz Analogue Signal of the first person view to the included Analog Monitor tuned on that channel or freq.
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