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Drones in Serbia


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Mar 28, 2017
Hi all ,

i posted this on the sparkpilots but i guess the user database is still smaller than the one here, so i am thought i would post my question here too.

i am going to travel again to Serbia and this time i sent an email to the Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia asking them for more information.

I found a couple of articles like this one:

Flying a drone in Serbia • Travelling to Belgrade with a drone • Flat Vertical

The author did a really good job documenting the whole situation and if i could take one part out it would be :

and another site like this one:


Where i can again take out one part:


There is also this brochure from the official Civil Aviation organisation liflet_1.pdf

It is in Serbian but my girlfriend translated it for me. It includes more or less all the needed information and the different regulations and laws.

What i could take out again is this picture here:


which shows again what the law firm article says.

Sorry for the long post but i did not want to just post a thread like :

Hey , does anybody know how the rules and regulations in Serbia are ?

Would be happy to hear from anyone that has been in Serbia with a Mavic or a Spark. :)

It says: using drones heavier than 150 grams is prohibited .. (page 2).

Also, in order to take videos and photos from a flying drone, you need a permission from the Ministry of Defence.

Hi @kakao , thanks for your answer.

I think the drones heavier than 150kg are not allowed :)

As for the taking photos and videos , i am still waiting for an answer from the Directorate of civil aviation.
Even with the permit to fly, one can not exceed tfe range of 500 meters from the operator, 100 meters being the max altitude.
Nope, I've just read the documents you've posted, as I was thinking of taking my MP there in a few months time ..
I think the mavic is almost a no go with all the regulations they have in place. I was thinking about the spark. 302 gramms and you can set it to fly within the limits they are setting. The video and photo permission still applies though...

I will follow up on that email i sent them a couple of weeks ago.

When do you plan to go ?
Maybe June, depends on my work schedule.

Also, its stated in the papers (that you've posted) that flying any kind of drone heavier than 150 grams requires a permission from Ministry of Defence .. so for both - taking videos/photos and flying at all - permission from the Ministry of Defence is the must.
Page 3, bottom of the page:

Уколико је потребно осим одобрења ДЦВ-а прибави и дозволе осталих надлежних државних органа.

За свако видео снимање или фотографисање из ваздуха, ОБАВЕЗНО је и одобрење Министарства одбране Републике Србије!

За свако летење страног беспилотног ваздухоплова у ваздушном простору Републике Србије, ОБАВЕЗНО је и одобрење Министарства одбране Републике Србије!


Thanks. Although , we are still looking for people that went to Serbia and their drone with them. :)
Hi Mildim,

I own Phantom 2 and a Mavic. In 2015 I took a trip to Iceland and from there went to visit Serbia. In Iceland I had zero issues at all. I arrived in Serbia and I (being honest) went to customs and declared the drone. Told them that I have this Phantom 2 that I want to declare and it IS coming back with me to the USA. I explained that I am not using any footage for commercial use and that it is just for documenting my trip here. To make the long story short, 2 hours later, they kept my drone in a storage area and on top of that I had to pay a 320 euro when I go and pick it up at the airport (I was in Serbia for 3 months so I guess it justifies the cost) when I head back. I am from Serbia so I had family to visit. The part that upset me that they had no clue on how to and what paperwork they needed for the drone and how to go about it. My blood was boiling, but I kept my cool. Also of course my travel plans too, all the time spent on planning on where and how to shoot also just went to ****. Anyway, just last year (2017) I told myself, **** it, I am taking the Phantom 2 and the new Mavic at the time without declaring it. Sure enough no problems. The gorgeous security lady (they always hire attractive ladies for security there) asked me what I had in the backpack and I told her just some camera gear. She smiled and said have a nice trip. So that was it. I didn't lie, but I wasn't too specific either. I personally don't think you would have any issues getting your Spark/Mavic there since the case is about a size of the camera. I had it just around my neck and looked like a man purse. Sorry for such a lengthy response, but I just wanted to share my experience taking a drone over there. So don't declare ****, just look straight and just casually walk through "nothing to declare". I of course can't guarantee anything. Just letting you know =)

Good luck and hope you have a great time. Serbia is really a gorgeous place to see. Especially the Ethnic villages and a lot of nature site seeing, like Zlatibor, Morkra Gora, Tara, etc... I am sure your Serbian girlfriend can tell you all about it, haha.
Hi @SirenProd , thank you so much for sharing this information and personal experience in your very first post on this forum. :)

I will most probably take the Spark with me and not the mavic. In case i have any issues , i will put my "bet" on the weight of the drone , together with the official brochure i will have with me.

I will for sure update this thread.

I am flying to Athens end of March and then to Serbia.

Thanks again for your input , it was really helpful.

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