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Extreme vibrations, MP stalls and doesn't stay upright, cause?


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Jan 12, 2017
I recently encountered a weird problem which seems to be getting worse and worse. The MP will barely stay in the air anymore, it flips upside down immediately if I apply more than ~6000 rpm and struggles to correct the course. After a short hovering session, all motors get warmer than normal due to all the small corrections trying to keep it upright but the front left motor is very hot compared to the others.

I clamped the MP in my vice and filmed it in slow motion. It turns out I get extreme vibrations from the front left leg. What could be the cause? Is it a faulty ESC?

The motor is firmly in place, I checked the screws underneath, I ran it without props and everything seems to be fine, the motor shaft seems to be straight, yet I get the extreme vibrations. You can see the whole arm is flexing due to the vibrations, it is not the motor mount.
@Thunderdrones any idea?

EDIT/ I tried new props, it doesn't make a difference. The arm flexes so much the prop hits the top of the MP. I'm going to take some photos now

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There is even wear on the top side of the prop which I have no idea how it occurs.


The bottom side of the prop hits the body.

I should get some spare parts on Sunday, my brother might come for a visit and he has a crashed MP with good front legs. Is it easier to change the whole arm or just the motor?

I'm ok with soldering. I have already changed the back left leg, hence the red sticker color. I wanted to make it look like C3PO with the red arm ;)
It was difficult to tell in your video, but it looked like the motor was jumping up and down yet the arm was stable. Could you shoot another with the camera on the same plane as the prop, so you are not shooting through the prop?
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