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FAA Approves BVLOS Drones for First Responder Program.

looks like a system that still maintains an "electronic line of sight" using a device and AI to look and see what is happening and aiding in the gathering of situational awareness.
Like a portable control tower for drones
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The BVLOS regulatory excess is finally showing some cracks, and will continue to erode in increments.

The safety record compared against actual flying practices simply doesn't support the severe restriction on BVLOS flight, especially in light of how technology has advanced with drones.

Many, if not the majority of flights, particularly with camera drones, violate the strict definition of maintaining VLOS. This is occurring without any serious injury or property damage now for years.

A strong case can be made for relaxing this requirement with some sort of additional training/certification. While recreational fliers are likely to continue to violate this rule regularly without bothering with certification, most of us serious hobbyists would jump at the opportunity to fly BVLOS legally.
I’m surprised you guys are behind us on this
We have had BVLOS certification for a while now
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