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Faulty IMU


Jun 14, 2018
Having heard of cases of Airs behaving erratically and sometimes being lost I’ve wondered how many people check both IMUs and Gyros before flying?
Ignoring the usual pilot error incidents, I reckon some are flying with faulty hardware and not realising and if the redundancy fails they’re in trouble.

My Air developed a faulty IMU that couldn’t be resolved and didn’t give any warnings in the GO4 App, luckily I noticed it before I had a potential 2nd IMU failure. I’ve returned my Air to Amazon due the faulty IMU and been given a refund as it’s not due back in stock for 1-2 months but I’m hoping quality control improves a bit before I get a replacement.

I’m pretty confident the IMU is a weak link when I look at the many issues people are having with it.

I checked in the Sensor section of the GO4 App and found a faulty IMU (ACC2 Data Error), recalibrating the IMU and reinstalling firmware didn’t resolve the issue..


Apparently the only fix is return for repair or replacement, Amazon have none in stock in the U.K. so issued a refund.
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