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Found drone

Welcome to from the Crossroads of America thomasfcarroll

Check the SD card for the owners information.

Some people put it there as a word file.

Maybe find the GPS information of the photos to establish a location of the owners whereabouts.

You might try a local FaceBook page for losing a drone post.

Good luck and thanks for trying to find the owner.

Welcome to the Forum. :cool:
I was able to return the drone to its owner. The card had a video of the pilot flying from his balcony. I knew his condo location from the video. I went out at sunset and he was on his balcony.


Thanks for taking the time to find the owner. 👍
This is a really good tip. Place a text file or .pdf on any memory card that you use in a camera or drone. Include your contact information and a way that they can get the contacts of the card to you.
I found this drone in Hefron park.
There is no indication of a model except Made in China sign..
Could it be linked to DJI Mavic 2 Pro RC?
There is no socket to connect a cable.

The owner is welcome to respond in private.



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That looks like the knockoff mavic pro that has been around for some time. Not going to work with the controller shown in your picture.
Something similar.
Thanks for the comments. There is no SIMM card. Drone looks like Eachine E58 RC Pocket quadcopter.
Indeed cannot link with DJI Mavic 2 Pro RC. There is no button to initiate Link on the drone.
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