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Fstop Labs Mavic 2 filter review (from a fit and finish point of view.)

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Dec 20, 2016
Duluth, Georgia
I received 2 sets of Fstop Labs filters, one for the M2P and one set for the M2Z. I took time out from my hectic schedule to do a short review of the filters.

I have been doing business with Fstop @fstop.labs for several years, and have bought many items from them. Their accessories are available online at their website below.

Mavic 2 Pro Accessories

Both sets come in nice little opaque plastic cases, so you can see the filters inside. This is especially helpful if you do as I do and take inventory of my equipment before I leave the house and after I am done flying. It's easy to look to make sure all the filters are there.

The filters come with a nice little microfiber cloth to clean the filter, and to help install and remove it from the Mavic.

Both sets of filters are just slightly darker than the Mavics finish, but the colors complement eachother. They look great when you have them on, and you should always use one. Dont use your OEM DJI lens cover, they are irreplaceable at this point in time, and if you damage it, you wont find another.

Mavic 2 Pro filter set

I first tried the Mavic 2 Pro filter. If you havent tried removing the outer lens cover that comes with the M2P, try to use the cloth or something soft to grab it with. The OEM filter has nothing to grab on to, so try to be as careful as possible when removing the OEM piece. Thats one thing I liked about the Fstops, they have jagged edges on the sides so it makes gripping easy.

When applying the Fstop filter on the M2P, I find it easier to slide the upper left corner in first, then work the other corners in. It will lock into place very snugly but might take some practice. One thing I could never emphasize enough is to be very very very (3 verys) gentle with your $700 gimbal. Once you get the hang of putting the M2P filters on, it will get easier, but be patient. Dont put any stress on the gimbal motors, and if you cant get it the first time, put it down and come back later.

Mavic 2 Zoom filter set

Next came the M2 Zoom. This filter is circular, and easier to remove than the rectangular Pro. Thats due to the design of the camera barrel, not an Fstop shortcoming. To get it off the first time, try to use the cloth. If it doesnt come off, wrap a rubber band around it and presto. As you can see in the picture below, DJI uses some type of glue or sealant on the OEM filter, so getting it off the first time will be harder than any subsequent tries. Once again, try not to stress the gimbal at all. Hold it carefully and twist gently.

The Fstop Zoom filters were easy to put on. A word of advice, they only require 1 - 2 turns to get them on, maybe 3 max. The threads on the Mavic 2s camera barrel are deeper than the Fstop lens, so you dont need to screw it so far that you cant see the threads on the camera barrel. Just make sure, first of all, not to cross-thread the filter, and secondly make sure it's only hand tight. Dont ever use a pliers to put them on.

The edges of the Fstops are easy to grip, and stay on firmly. They are also easy to remove, and fit nicely into the case.



Mavic 2 Zoom camera barrel threads with silicone




Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom with the Fstop ND4 filters

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Good review. Mine are arriving 5 days early on Saturday. Unfortunately at my work instead of home. :( I may have to swing by work.
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