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Goggle Clarification

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Sep 24, 2017
Hello all.

I’ve been flying my Mavics for a while out in the desert and the scenery is awesome, but I have gotten frustrated with fighting the glare and poor backlight on my iPhone 8plus and iPad 10.5” Pro. I’ve always got the brightness at 100% and it’s just not enough. It almost seems to dim when I bring up the DJI app. Also, last time I flew my iPad (then afterward the phone) got too hot and shut down.

I’m considering ordering the DJI goggles and I’m torn between the white one and the RE. Searching the forums and watching reviews on YouTube It’s my understanding aside from the extra features and uses available, the RE model is a little more comfortable. That along with the Red/Black color is enough for me. Another reason I think I’ll benefit is to renew my interest in slowing down and getting great photos and video. My last flight out I was bored and since the phone/iPad were cooling off I was flying line-of-sight and smacked it right into a hill not 30ft away from me. I guess I needed the thrill of some low and fast flying. -Oops.

Anyone have some advice? And, If I get the RE, are any of the available accessories useful for flying the Mavic?

After watching a few more YouTube videos on the goggles I have ordered the Race Edition Goggles.
The race ones are the better choice. I have the white ones and wish I had the race . The race ones can be used on more types of drones than the white ones . White ones are very limited and also are slower responding
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