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Greetings from a new drone owner

Hello from the Seattle, WA area.

I’m an artist / animator who retired from game development a couple of years ago. Still interested in being creative and learning new technology, but ideally outdoors doing real things instead of at a keyboard making digital stuff (or less of the digital stuff, at least).

During the pandemic a rock hounding friend roped me into coming along. Fast forward to last fall, we ran into another hound at a favorite location. They described a large pit we HAD to check out. It’s in an area that was clear cut about 10 years ago. We hiked old logging roads and paths and did our best but could not find that pit. Online maps, satellite images, etc., were also a dead end. Eventually the idea of a drone came up.

It was enough of an excuse to start researching the possibility. The potential for creativity and learning and more was super exciting.

So, I recently bought a Mini 2 as a first drone. It seemed the best fit for a beginner with some room for growth. But I wouldn’t consider myself even a beginner yet. There’s so much to learn. It’s going to be a while before I try flying a drone above that clear cut area. That is, if it’s safe and allowed. For now, it’s fascinating to learn about drones and safe flying.
Welcome to the forum from the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Happy and safe flying!
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