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Has anyone used this $57.00 airdrop on Amazon?


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Apr 9, 2017

57 bucks.. Looks like it's Wi-Fi or rd but for short range it should work.

Everything else is priced a lot higher for limited use.
I'm looking to drop a line over a tree for an HF Delta loop antenna with my mavic pro. The thought of rigging up a friction release scares me.... I can see it getting hung up in an imperfect world..... Making for a very expensive antenna!
Looks interesting.

Looks like it's triggered by one of the front LEDs on the Mavic. I agree that it would be a PITA to swap batteries with that thing on; they definitely need to engineer some sort of quick release rather than those small bolts.

Let us know if you decide to try one.
I put a line over a tree with a drone (for a dipole).

I used a syma x8 - didn't want risk the mavic.

I rigged (duct tape) a stick out the rear of the drone and tied a light piece of string to it. I did this so the line wouldn't get caught in the props.

The drone was launched and my son quickly fed the line to the drone as I flew it over the skyhook (tree). After going a bit less than twice the height of the tree and about twenty feet in front of it, I cut the motors while my son held the line. The drone came down safely and we lowered it to the ground. I used the string to attach a stronger guide line and then the antenna.
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