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Have You Met Anyone Famous ?


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Apr 12, 2024
Cobh, Co Cork Republic of Ireland
Have you ever met anyone famous ? I once met Bill Shankly after a Liverpool game at Anfield in the supporters club bar, I turned into a jabbering wreck and he looked me straight in the eye and said in his best Scottish accent " How are ye Laddie" I also met the Chef Keith Floyd outside The Spaniard pub in Kinsale, there was only one seat unoccupied outside after getting a pint o the black stuff and I asked this fella if he minded me joining him as he was sitting alone , he obliged and I sat down, we started chatting and after about 15 minutes he said "You have no idea who you're talking to do you ? I answered "No Sorry" He said "I'm Keith Floyd the Chef" The penny dropped. He was cracking company. How bout yerselves ?

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I have an unfair advantage. I used to look after the Artists Door at the Royal Albert Hall in London. If they performed there I saw and spoke to them. When it comes to their fans the Nicest artist, Barry Manilow. During a break in his sound check he went outside in an absolute downpours to greet a queue of waiting fans and took time to talk to many. The Worst? Sting. When they left they had bagged ALL their fan mail in black bin bags and left them to be thrown out with the rubbish. Two opposite sides of the spectrum concerning fans! Fun years.
I had Terry Waite pass me once on a street but I was fairly certain he gets enough people pestering him so I didn't do anything. My memory is that he is huge, well over 6ft. Some guys further up the street said yep it was him, I guess I had a puzzled look on my face lol.
I saw lulu in a book shop at an airport, I'd have loved to get her autograph but figured the same thing so left her in peace, she it tiny but still cute as a button lol.
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"The sea was angry that day my friends" lol-- It was standing room only just like any day at Canters! He was sitting in a booth by himself and asked my friend and I if we would like to take a seat in the booth. Nicest person ever! I told him The "Whale story" was a TV classic and we talked about the nice day- It was strange what a normal conversation it was.

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