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Help. Calibration

The Captain

Aug 29, 2018
Newbie here. I am Obviously doing something wrong as every time I start this thing I have to calibrate it? I use 2/3 of my battery just trying to get the thing to calibrate. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate it I actually found the helpdesk at Mavic air to be completely helpless. Very frustrated and started up with 80% battery life after 30 minutes ago still not calibrated and battery down to to 15%
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Some thing is up. I always calibrate before flight. It takes about 3 minutes between finding calibrate option start button and the 2 360 degree rotations I must confess that I watch the new guy guides on you tube several times a week
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If its slow to calibrate then it may be your location. For me its empty pockets, no watch. put the controller down, select calibrate, pick up drone rotate 360 Anticlockwise (looking down on it), status light changes. Drone nose down, rotate 360 Anticlockwise again. Done.

You don't need to restart afterwards just put it down and off you go.

I had a phantom that was bad to calibrate, turned out to be a defective compass, ignore all the rubbish about degaussing the sensor, its electronic hall effect its immune to such problems.
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Thanks all. So today I wore no watch. No wallet. Used the advise given on how to rotate. I was up and flying in less than 5. First time. I gues it is just practice. Practice. Practice. Thanks all for the advice.
I had trouble when I was a cherry too. I wasnt paying close enough attention to the position you are supposed to hold the aircraft during the process (MP). and had the wrong side up for some steps.

Recently there was a post for a newer model Mavic where the OP stated the printed instructions for how to hold it were wrong, and he found a youtube video showing the way it was supposed to be. Sorry I dont remember if it was a MP2 or MA.
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I saw that too and part of my problem, I think, was the position I had it in while calibrating. Will try theirs again next time and see how it fours. But as I said today I was up in 5 minutes. Thanks. All.