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Hi from Iceland

Welcome. Looking forward to seeing your posts of pictures and videos.

I was in Iceland in 2019 and loved it (and want to go back someday, because I only saw a little bit of the island). Absolutely beautiful country.
Hello fellow captains o7

I am operating from Reykjavik with my DJI Mavic 3 Classic and occasionally my Mini 2.

I absolutely love flying my drones, messing around as well as taking pictures and videos which has given me immense joy and newfound perspective of both the nature landscape and urban scenery of my country.

I have also started dipping my toes into photogrammetry and drone related freelancing (still hopelessly hoping there will be SDK support for consumer Mavic3!).
I am also tech/electronics/software/tinkerer guy for over 30 years. If there isn't a solution available, I usually make one available.

Happy to meet you all :)
Welcome from Texas, Have you been getting any pics/videos of the lava flows?
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