How many flights per pack?

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    I'm guessing 200-300 depending on how well you take care of them?
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    The number of cycles on a battery pack depends on a few things, firstly the quality of cells they are using, how hard you fly them, how low you deplete them during a cycle and how you store them.

    The first "intelligent" batteries on the Phantom 2 by DJI were crap. I few easy on them, stored them properly, never ran them below 25% and basically babied them.... and I was lucky to get 50 cycles before they started to degrade at a rapid rate.

    The Phantom 3 and newer batteries are much MUCH better, I think DJI learned the lesson not to cut corners on battery quality. If this is so, then your estimate is a possibility for sure as I would expect them to continually make the batteries better and better.
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    One thing I don't understand about these intelligent batteries is for my scratch built quads, we never fly our batts below 20%, but with the countdown on DJI's products, is going below 20% actually 20%, or is there a protection measure there to prevent cell damage? I'm thinking not since if you get to the critical level, the quad will force a landing. A buddy of mine who is new to RC would take his Autel X-star down to like 10% and land it. I told him about the 80/20 rule, but the countdown timer said he had time left. I know once I get my Mavic, I'm not going below 20% because I don't want to damage the cells.
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    Yes, there is an LVC built in on the DJI batteries to prevent the cells being over discharged. Think of it like your cell phone - you can use your phone until it turns off but you haven't done damage to your phones battery.
    The problem is you can also run your Mavic battery down to cut off point and it will initiate an auto landing.
    Having said the above, many will just run their packs all the way down which is not a great idea since you are actually taking them below 20%.
    A good rule of thumb is to fly down to around 3.4v per cell under load. When you land the cells will recover/rebound to circa 3.7v which is perfect.
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