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How to get a new MA controller

Jack Daw

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May 13, 2018
There seem to be quite a few of you who, like me, need to find a replacement Mavic Air controller. It turns out there’s a very easy way to get a new one: get onto the DJI website, go to Product Support, choose Mavic Air, and scroll down to where it says “online support”. That will open up a window with an online representative. Asking, nicely, if you can buy a new controller from them. When I did, he said, “Sure”. It costs $160, and takes somewhere between five and 10 days to get to you. That’s cheaper than many of the used ones you’ll find on the boards, and way cheaper than new ones on Ebay. Problem solved.
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I know people complain about DJI service, but I've had nothing but great experiences with them. I sent them a smashed up MA under Refresh Express yesterday. They've already received it and sent the new one back: I'll get it tomorrow.
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I have just tried to do what you did, and talked directly to DJI using the online support and via email. They have not helped at all. All local resellers have told me to contact DJI directly. Just directed me their online providers throuh amazon, ebay, etc, etc. None seem to have Mavic Air Controllers. Only one does on E bay which wont ship to my location- Dubai. Just dont understand why i simply cant go onto DJI website and order this vitally important component. If i spend 1000USD on a bike I would easily be able to replace the wheel?? Right?? This is just ridiculously pooR service from DJI...Making me not want to buy from them...I can not afford to replace the whole device.

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