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How to protest a DJI crash analysis?

After reading several other Mavic's randomly flying off I always do a compass calibration before each and every flight. After this episode I'll never fly off of concrete either.
I have flown literally all over the planet, on several different continents and countries, hundreds of flights, and have maybe done 2 or 3 calibrations, with one of the first mavic pros available in the USA (i got an early one).

For instance i usually fly in california, but flew in scotland for 10 days last month without calibrating at all.

remember that people only post here when they have issues, so you'd be taking advice with people who have faulty gear or perhaps some bad habits or in a bad area with interference.
My seven month old Mavic Pro crashed and broke off a rear motor. I sent it to DJI for repair and their analysis was pilot error. (no warranty) Here are the details. I launched the ac and once airborne I noticed the gimbal was not horizontal so I landed and did a shutdown on the ac. Restarted so that it would do a gimbal calibration again. I then did a compass calibration and set the bird down on concrete and waited for gps lock and home point record. When I launched the drone instead of rising up to the normal position it rose up about three or four feet and immediately started to fly off sideways with no stick inputs. So my first reaction was to stop the motors with full down and inward stick control which seemed to have no effect. The drone continued a sideways skid across the yard and smacked into the curb breaking off the rear motor.

What should I do?

Base on their analysis it was a pilot error and if it is a pilot error there will be no warranty.

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