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Imu #1 error -50 on calibration


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Dec 28, 2018
Sullivan County PA (Endless Mountains)
Finally got the weather to fly today after the winter. Everything charged. Removed gimbal lock and extended the props, all ready for flight. After power up and connection, updated the database. Got a message to calibrate the imu. Started calibration, folded arms and set on a flat surface, but had it facing away from me instead of broadside to left. After long delay, got imu #1 error -50. Tried powering off drone and restarting, restarting remote controller, and combinations of these actions. Tried not setting drone down until that instruction to place on a flat surface. Nothing worked, and I got -50 every time. After putting everything away, had the thought: could the non-broadside position of the drone be the cause? Or do I have a more serious problem?

Mavic 1 Pro

Thanks all.
sounds like the IMU has stuck through not being used for so long ,try removing the props but leave the gimbal cover on to protect the camera and gimbal and give the drone a few palm slaps on the bottom of it while holding it with the arms folded in the palm of your other hand ,then try the start up procedure again and see what happens ,if it works and you are then able to calibrate the IMU or indeed if after the procedure it still wants the IMU to be calibrated ,i would be interested to find out please
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Followed your instructions, slapping it 5 times like a newborn. Powered off, held it upright from top in my left hand and slapped it from below with my right hand. On first powerup, realized I still had gimbal lock on, so powered off and removed it. This time, I got the same -50 error. Tried several times, same result. Several times I got a message on the controller "SYS error - check app" but that went away on a restart of the controller.
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sorry that solution didnt work for you ,you could delete the App and reinstall it on your device ,it does not matter which way the drone is facing when you start the IMU calibration, as long as you follow the steps as the picture shows ,did you wait for the IMU to warm up ,before you started the calibration ,
How long should I wait? I fiddled with it over multiple attempts, so it should have been warmed up. I've calibrated quit a few times over the years, and this has never happened before.
The drone has never been crashed or damaged. I had been planning to do a reinstall. Have done it several times. Last year, I was dropping connection every 5-6 flights, so figured a reinstall might help, but did not get to it this year. Sucks. It was calm and warm today, with everything in bud. Was hoping to catch some baby animals out for a family spring outing.

Is there someone in this group who works on MP1s?
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