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IMU Calibration freezes

Same problem and the props won't spin either. Still looking for solutions.
I found this on another thread. It works to complete the IMU calibration past the second step, however the the original controller screen continues to shows a data error with the accelerometer.

"I did some digging and found the answer and have successfully calibrated my IMU. As I saw many others online asking for help with the IMU calibration hanging at Step 2, this solution should be helpful to others:
The problem is the calibration has completed calibration and the first of 5 drone positions and is waiting for the drone to be turned to a new side. Being my first time doing the IMU calibration, I did not notice the picture of the drone changed on the app. I did not see any text to turn the drone. When it is calibrating at a position, the rear drone lights are yellow. When that position completes, the lights flash green. You need to move to the next position when the lights start flashing green again. Or just pay attention to the drone picture on your app :)
This is the position sequence for the calibration.

1. M2P on its "legs"
2. M2P on its right side (reset button side)
3. M2P on its left side (sd card slot side)
4. M2P on its rear end vertical.
5. M2P on its back."
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